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Prestige Watch Repairs offers professional watch crown replacement for a variety of watch brands. If your watch is important to you, it’s important to us; bring it to Prestige Watch Repairs today and let an expert replace your crown or glass leaving your watch looking like new again.

Crown Replacement

Our watch crown replacement ensures that your watch looks new again but also that further damage isn’t done. The crown is one of the most abused parts on any timepiece; it gets bumped, bashed and broken. If your watch crown is broken, it could break the watch’s stem as well having an effect on the movement and other internal parts.

Prestige Watch Repairs will replace your watch crown, and stem if necessary, making your watch look and function properly again. Using manufacturer original parts, your watch will look correct and remain as water tight as it was when new. Our methods are guaranteed and our prices affordable; choose Prestige Watch Repairs today.

The Prestige Watch Repairs Crown Replacement Procedure:

  • Dismantling and inspection of your watch.
  • Replacement of stem and crown with manufacturer authorised parts.
  • Reassembly of your watch.
  • Utilise our state of the art timing machine to ensure the accuracy of your watch.
  • Pressure test your timepiece as appropriate.