Watch Battery Replacement

Watch Battery Replacement

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Prestige Watch Repairs offers watch battery replacement for a wide range of watch brands. If done incorrectly, replacing a watch battery could mean future damage to your timepiece. Don’t leave your watch to chance; contact Prestige Watch Repairs today and let us provide a thorough inspection of your watch and replace your watch battery with a reliable, premium battery today.

Prestige Watch Repairs goes beyond just changing your watch battery and sending you on your way. We will reseal and pressure test your watch to ensure it is protected from moisture, dust and debris. We offer a 2 Year Warranty on all watch batteries we replace and stand behind our work 100%.

Prestige Watch Repairs watch battery replacement service is thorough and ensures your timepiece is accurate when you need it most.

Reseal Service

Prestige Watch Repairs offers our exclusive reseal service where our trained technicians will replace the seals in your watch that tend to break down over time. When we replace your watch battery, we will replace every seal or gasket to ensure a leak-free seal every time.

Pressure Testing Service

Prestige Watch Repairs uses advanced timepiece pressure testing equipment to ensure your watch is water resistant per the manufacturer’s specifications. No leaks mean no moisture inside your watch to corrode delicate internals.

Ultrasonic Clean

Once we have replaced your watch battery, replaced the seals and pressure tested your watch, we provide an ultrasonic cleaning technique that penetrates blind holes, cracks and recesses to remove dirt, dust or debris.

Our Guarantee

Prestige Watch Repairs offers a 1 Year Replacement Guarantee on every watch battery we replace. We use the highest quality batteries in our battery replacement service and, although they may cost more, they are well worth it for your premium timepiece.

From Tag Heuer, Omega and Tissot, to Seiko, Raymond Weil, Breitling and more, Prestige Watch Repairs can replace your watch battery using top of the line Swiss-made watch batteries as recommended by many of today’s timepiece manufacturers.